About Silverscents

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'SilverScents' is the name of my Jewellery-making business. My name is Kim Gollard and I have been making jewellery, in one form or another, for as long as I can remember.
As a child I made and presented my poor mother with jewellery made from bread, papier mache, dried flowers and dead insects in resin!

At school, I had always enjoyed pottery and continued to work with clays, at evening classes and, after buying my first kiln, at home. I fell in love with Porcelain; the fineness, delicacy and strength of the material. Porcelain doll making followed.

Somewhere along the line, I took a course in Silversmithing and learned some very useful techniques. I have to admit that I had never really enjoyed working with Sterling Silver, as I found the process rather ‘dirty’ and also had adverse skin reactions to it.

A need to create jewellery for a competition doll, just as Silver clay arrived in the UK, led to my first experiments with the almost magical material and allowed me to create real jewellery on the porcelain surface of the doll.
Although China painting techniques replicate jewellery very well, it was quite exiting to mould the Silver clay around the finger of a doll and have a solid Silver ring, after a little more time the kiln.

It took a while for me to get around to using it for human jewellery. Once I had, I was smitten. Here was a material that I could work as a clay (with which I was familiar) and proceed onto metalsmithing techniques after it’s time, sintering, in the kiln. I also found that I could wear the jewellery, without any of the adverse reactions I’d experienced with Sterling. Perfect!

When, eventually, I began to make jewellery as a business, I chose the name "SilverScents", as I occasionally incorporate perfumed elements.

One of the great pleasures of creating jewellery, for me, is the ‘hunting and gathering’ of the many treasures that will, one day, become part of a finished piece.
These treasures are often kept safe for many years before inspiration strikes and their potential is realised.

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Tamar Valley and I work from my studio at Calstock Boatyard, with fabulous views across the river, to Devon and up-river towards the village of Calstock. As my work tends to be inspired by nature, this is perfect for me!

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